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A.G.E. Inc. is a BOUTIQUE Talent AND Sports Management, Branding/PR, Music and Film Production Company. Operating successfully FOR OVER A DECADE we have developed and maintained relationships IN ORDER TO FACILITATE OUR ABILITY to bolster our clients’ careers, and production projects to the HIGHEST LEVEL POSSIBLE. Marrying talent WITH brand management, artist development and tv/film packaging  production we are able to gain access to opportunities to further expand our reach within the market. In-house we provide the services of management, film and TV production, fashion, sports branding, DIGITAL BRANDING, casting and consulting work within SOME OF THE PREMIERE PRE/POST production houses both domestically and internationally. 

We are proud to profess that our VETERAN roster of executives haVE fostered long standing business relationships with many of the top modeling, theatrical and commercial agencies easing the partnerships of managers and agents for our clients. We provide professional representation with conservative and modern cultural approaches on the industry. Amada Productions has produced content including brand campaigns, commercials, indie films, music videos, documentaries and feature film productions in addition to working within the sports world producing content for television shows. The needs of our clients are of paramount importance. 

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